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Letisha's 1:1 class

Its no secret, I adore colour and its my go to when I am wanting to create a point of difference, I talk  a lot about this in my classes and how we can be different week in week out when we are limited by the flowers available at our wholesalers and  how I look to nature to help me, it truly is our greatest teacher. This class I tried hard to create a  muddy pink palette, with touches of autumn, I didn't quiet get what I wanted so I had to make a few tweaks, however I have learnt to make it work and I really  loved the end result.

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1:1 Class at Lamonts Bishops house

As a designer, I love to draw inspiration from the seasons and their changing colours, so when I was putting this class together for Lisa it was important that the colours and material we used reflected the end of Summer and start of Autumn, yet were still soft and romantic; to me this creates a sense of belonging and designs appear more natural. The Honey Dijon Garden Rose which is a favorite of mine was the perfect base for our colour palette, along with hints of  burgundy, peach, cream, dried elements and seasonal nuts and leaves.

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Spring Class at the Farm

In October 2017, we held our very first floral class at the family farm in Waroona, Western Australia. It has been my dream since I started flowering full time 10 years ago to one day be able to teach and share my love of flowers with like minded souls.

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